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Doodle Coat Types

Doodles come in a variety of coat colors and textures. Their textures can be wavy, straight, or have improper flat coats and smooth faces like Golden Retrievers. We always do the proper genetic testing to make sure we never breed improper coats. In addition to this we also test to ensure your new doodle will have the proper facial furnishings and low to no-shedding coat.

The look of your goldendoodle is not determined by the generation but rather by genes. 


The wavy/loose curl coat type will present straighter in young puppies but will soon be a beautiful mixture of waves and fluff. 

The wavy coat is easy to maintain and usually only requires brushing about once a week and a grooming about every 2-3 months. 

With proper furnishings, the wavy coat is low to non-shedding.


The curly coat will present wavy as a puppy, but as they grow into an adult their coat will become thicker and curlier. The curly coated doodles have extremely minimal to no shedding coats. This is a coat favorite to those who suffer with allergies.  

The tradeoff to the amazing curly coat is that it requires significantly more brushing and grooming.


Owned by Gravelle Family Farm


The straight coat doodle does not have a curl gene. Without genetic testing it is really difficult to tell between a straight coat and a wavy coat. The straight coat will still have a soft wavy texture. They are the easiest to maintain and require minimal brushing. There is a big difference between a straight coat and an improper coat. A properly bred straight coat doodle with have the proper furnishings on the face. 

When properly furnished they will be low shedders.

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